My story begins with a decrease of my vision in right eye, and marked especially by progressive distortion of images. When looking at a straight object, such as the door of my room, the picture was crooked.

I looked for the ophthalmologist who referred me to a doctor who specializes in retina diseases.

However, I was patient at the CMO in Campinas, where I had undergone to a retina surgery (retinal detachment) in my left eye in 1998, done by Dr. Osias F. Souza.

Before the surgery, Dr. Souza conducted an OCT, he diagnosed a membrane attached to my retina. We talked about the surgery and we decided to do on February 20, 2008.

To my surprise, the doctor used a surgical technique called MIV (micro incision vitrectomy - small gauge) where there were three tiny openings, smaller than half of a millimeter.

In 12 minutes my surgery was performed without any sutures. My vision was better in the next day. I only believed that surgery was so quick because I had request that the surgery was recorded. In my house, I watched the video surgery and noticed the marking of time by the video. The next day I questioned the doctor who confirmed the time of surgery fast as in the movie.