Artificial Vision - Retina Chip

Blindness is one of the biggest health problems to be overcome. The ophthalmic medicine works extensively in different areas trying to improve the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. However, blindness is still part of the reality of many people around the world.


One of the great advances in ophthalmology over the past 10 years are the work of bio-engineering that seeks the development of the retinal chip.


This is a bio-mechanical system coupled to the retina through a surgical procedure, with the task of capturing light objects and transmitting them to the CNS for interpretation and vision building.

The work of Dr. Mark Rumaian (Doheny Eye Isntitute - USC - California, USA) reported the technique and show results in patients with total loss of vision. The results show significant improvements when compared to the initial vision of these patients.

Unfortunately, many of our patients still can not take advantage of these advances, since these are tests for patients selected through rigorous selection criteria with cost figures that exceed $ 50,000 per surgery.


The recent expansion of research to other centers of the retina showed the possibility of a future with the possibility under these technologies in our midst.