Eating better (fruits, vegetables, no fat, no sugar, etc.).. 

Sleep well. 

Practice some physical activity regularly. 

Manage stress. 

Prevent - not to delay in looking for help if you feel something wrong with your health. 

If you are myopic: 

- Visit your eye doctor every year and ask to be examination of retina. 

- In case you note floats in your field of vision, see a specialist. 

- If fell flashes in your field of vision, usually in darker environments, looking for a specialist. 

- Make simple visual tests: sometimes a month close one eye and see if there is any darker shade in your field of vision. 

Remember that the greatest risk to a person with myopic is retinal detachment, but the surgical treatment of retinal detachment has high success rates. 

If you have more than 60 years: 

- Visit your eye doctor every year and ask to be examination of retina. 

- Attention the appearance of distorted images. 

- Pay attention: reduction of vision, often you not fell small decreases of view because they occur very slowly. 

- Use sunglasses, lenses polarized with UV protection. 

If you have any of the above symptoms contact a specialist. 

If you are diabetic: 

- Control their blood glucose levels (all uncontrolled blood sugar will cause you some eye problem). - Seen a retina specialist at least once a year and its clinical ophthalmologist regularly. - Do visual tests at home or at work. 

Injuries caused by diabetes in the eyes are usually large and cause severe visual loss, so prevention is extremely important so that you never have problems in your eyes.